Baked Artichoke !!!

Before i came to the US, i had a very little idea , what artichoke it … I had heard it from a friend who had heard it from someone else visiting from somewhere else …

I being me and Artichoke being a food ,  I had to know more , so I had educated myself with Google  …

So I had learnt to cook it , boil it , microwave it, bake it even before I could lay my hands on it …

Sorry ,it might sound crazy , but what if I see it one day and don’t know how to select a good one , or might think i don’t how to use it and then chicken out from buying it at all …

I am a curious person and I like that about myself …

So, when I came here I started with the artichoke salads , the picked artichokes , ready to use kind , and then today I decided to bake one for myself ….

2 artichokes , 1 onion garlic olive oil dip(ready to eat) …. and me binge watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ …



About Priyanka Panda

I have realized is life is too short to brood over one thing, so my blog is dedicated to life's those beautiful moments that needs to be appreciated ... to all the good people around me who support me and encourage me and from whom i am constantly learning to be a better person....
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