The daylight saving thing !!!

Yesterday it was the shortest day in my life …

it was just 23 hrs with the readjustment of the clock at the strike of 2.00 am … and then just like that with the snap of fingers you need to adjust the with new time ….u cant sleep at 12.30 as its actually 11.30 from yesterday and then wake up an hr ago  when its dark when yesterday the same time there was good light and then have lunch at 11.30 am oops the time reads 12.30 pm …

It was all weird ..

Until … 7.00 pm …

its supposed to be dark , super dark when i go out like all these months i am here … but not today …

there was daylight …. it was still day out … like the evening has not even started and i have a whole evening at my disposal ….


About Priyanka Panda

I have realized is life is too short to brood over one thing, so my blog is dedicated to life's those beautiful moments that needs to be appreciated ... to all the good people around me who support me and encourage me and from whom i am constantly learning to be a better person....
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2 Responses to The daylight saving thing !!!

  1. Shubha says:

    Its all so confusing


  2. I know I am living it


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