Power nap on office desk !!!

I admit , just like all of you once in a while i do feel sleepy during afternoon and mostly on days when i take heavy meal than my usual home brought food in 2 small boxes.

And on those days when i feel sleepy i try to close my eyes for 5 mins and i feel guilty about it …i dont know why , but i do feel …

But today was no such day… i took a power nap of 15 mins and still not a single feeling of guilt came to me ….

I am still jet-lagged , was my perfect answer šŸ™‚


About Priyanka Panda

I have realized is life is too short to brood over one thing, so my blog is dedicated to life's those beautiful moments that needs to be appreciated ... to all the good people around me who support me and encourage me and from whom i am constantly learning to be a better person....
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One Response to Power nap on office desk !!!

  1. Radha kumar says:

    Pathetic piece of shit


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