My Food Diary


Khasta Kachoris , My first attempt :

I love the Kachori’s and I do not really find any good one here, for some the shell is not good , for some the shell is nice but there is hardly any stuffing inside , and for some the the taste is so hopeless that i don’t even feel like eating them again ….

so my love the Kachoris forced me to try my hand at it.


Recipe :

Masoor Dal Soup with Coriender, Raw Mango and Garlic :

Are you interested in learning the super fun , super quick and healthy recipe of a quite unique soup

Recipe :

masoor dal_coriender_garlic_raw mango soup_1  ???????????????????????????????

Chat-Pat Corn Masala :

Find the link to the lip smacking , quick fix corn recipe , ideal snack to have as evening snack with a cup of hot ginger tea  or serve it as an appetizer when you friends are around unannounced or when you are throwing a party and finger food seem too unhealthy a choice or when you want a companion with your cool drink …its ideal for everything ..

Recipe :

1_corn masala




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